2000 MRL Thermoplastic Striping Truck

Completely rebuilt by MRL in 2009 with only 25,000 miles on new engine, transmission, and kettles since overhaul. 2000 Volvo Expediter Model 4-12000 propane fired kettles with front kettle material recirc, L-10 pumps, 260 CFM air compressor w/ 4400 hours, vacuum fill twin 4000-pound bead tanks with dual drop beaders, twin 300-pound element bead tanks, white thermoplastic material cross over to centerline carriage, lockout controls to move C/L and E/L simultaneously from either operator station, full intercom including bagger station, 200-gallon fuel, Skip Line timer, camera system, laser pointers, slider guns for 4” to 6” yellow and 4” to 8” white guns, all systems work and will stripe any pattern.