MRL Equipment Company is excited to announce the acquisition of MAC STRIPERS product lines including Mac’s industry leading line of MINI MAC Thermoplastic Applicators. MRL is proud to carry on Mac Marcato’s decades long legacy of developing and manufacturing innovative, productive thermoplastic applicators and accessories.

The agile, intermediate sized, self-propelled MINI MAC products are a perfect complement to MRL’s existing product lines. Over the last 26 years, MRL’s quality built, productive truck mounted Thermoplastic, Plural Component, Traffic Paint, Line Removal Grinding and Long Line Pavement Grooving equipment has enabled MRL to become the largest supplier to the Industry. The addition of the MAC STRIPERS product lines enables MRL to provide even more high performance solutions to its customers.

The MAC STRIPERS product Line will be supported by MRL’s experienced technicians and backed by the largest inventory of striping equipment replacement parts available today.

The MRL MINI MAC 400 and MRL MINI MAC 1000 are available immediately and will enable their users to quickly apply Thermoplastic road marking materials. The MRL MINI MAC 1000 is the Industry’s most versatile self-propelled thermoplastic application platform as it can apply thermoplastic spray, ribbon extrude and screed extrude profile markings. MRL will follow the MINI MAC 400 and MINI MAC 1000 with a left hand application version of the MINI MAC 400, a MINI MAC 2000 and a MRL MINI EPOXY in the following months. Check out MRL’s website at for more information on these exciting new machines.

Call us today at 1-877-788-2907 to discuss how this is the year to kick your thermoplastic marking production into high gear with MRL’s MINI MAC 400 and MINI MAC 1000!

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