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Proven over the decades to produce consistent results and reliable performance, MRL Equipment Company’s rumble strip workhorse is field-tested for long service life and reduced overall maintenance.


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The MRL RumblePro™ makes continuous or patterned cuts with a single operator on edgelines and centerlines. This durable workhorse has proven itself over the decades to produce consistent results and reliable performance.


  • Peterbilt Model 337 chassis.
  • MRL-designed chassis flatbed with tool storage and hydraulic tank.
  • Hydrostatic auxiliary drive system for chassis speed control.
  • Closed-loop hydraulic system for mill drum operation.
  • Belt-driven mill drum powered by auxiliary drive system with variable RPM speed.
  • 11,000 lb/4990 kg, 16″-wide/40.6 cm-wide, 84-tooth mill drum assembly.
  • Epic Solutions timing system for operation in tow to change and set skip cycle along footage counter.
  • 500 gal/1892 L water capacity on chassis for drum cooling.
  • Chassis-mounted air compressor and power washer.
  • Safety and work lights mounted on truck and trailer.
  • Chassis and trailer backing camera system.
  • Optional sinusoidal rumble strip pattern assembly.
  • Extensive, industry-leading service and parts support from MRL’s specialized staff.
  • Comprehensive parts and service manual.