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MRL’s ThermoPro™ Pre-Melting Kettles offer superior production capabilities in a self-contained, safe, durable, skid-mounted, air-jacketed vertical design.

Available in single kettle or dual kettle sets in 1000 lb/454 kg, 1500 lb/680 kg, 2000 lb/907 kg, 3000 lb/1360 kg, 4000 lb/1814 kg, 8000 lb/3629 kg, 12,000 lb/5443 kg, and 16,000 lb/7257 kg capacities.


  • High output propane or diesel-fired kettle burners.
  • Thermostatically controlled, automatic electronic ignition system.
  • Hydraulically driven agitation system.
  • Auger-enhanced agitator shaft designed to thoroughly mix the material and minimize glass bead settlement.
  • Integral hydraulic power plant or remote-mounted hydraulic power plant options.
  • Extensive, industry-leading service and parts support from MRL’s specialized staff.
  • Comprehensive parts and service manual.