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Trysil RMM Trafficprinter

MRL is excited to announce the launch of the Trafficprinter here in the US. MRL and Trysil RMM, a Norway-based road marking machine company, teamed up to close the gap between productivity and safety. Built on the backbone of our trucks, the Trafficprinter prints any road symbol in under thirty seconds, increasing project productivity and minimizing boots on the ground.

Innovative road marking printer for thermoplastic paint
• Replaces hand tooling
• Prints any symbol in live traffic
• Automated application
• Truck mounted
• Cost efficient
• Enhances safety
• Boosts efficiency

Interested in checking it out?

The traffic printer will be showcased at the MRL Expo on May 17th in Billings, MT. If you are interested in attending, please click the link below: 

If you can’t make it to ATSSA, no worries, MRL will have the unit out on the road starting in February through April in the Southern part of the US. Interested in seeing the Trafficprinter in your city? Complete the form below.