MRL Awarded BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative Contract

MRL Equipment Company, North America’s leading manufacturer of road marking and removal/grooving equipment, is proud to announce it was recently awarded a cooperative purchasing contract with BuyBoard® Purchasing Cooperative, Contract #685-22, Construction, Road and Bridge, and Other Related Equipment.  Now, MRL Equipment’s innovative striping equipment will be easily available for purchase at competitive prices to a range of government agencies through the BuyBoard® cooperative purchasing platform.

BuyBoard® is a free purchasing co-op that serves municipalities, counties, school districts, and government entities. Because BuyBoard® has already vetted vendors and completed the competitive procurement process, members save time and resources that would have been spent preparing and conducting a formal RFP, all while complying with agency legal purchasing requirements.  Members can take advantage of discounts off retail price and ease of direct purchasing through a website.

For questions about applying the BuyBoard® contract to your MRL Equipment purchase, or for further details on the MRL’s products, please email us at:

Click on the link below to learn more about BuyBoard®, enroll your government organization at no charge, and streamline purchases: