Air-jacketed melter a ‘built by stripers’ success story

In the 1980s, MRL Equipment Company’s road-striping predecessor, Mark Rite Lines of Montana, Inc., searched for a safer, more efficient thermoplastic melter for its own use. Mark Rite Lines set a course to design and build an air-jacketed melter, the embodiment of its “built by stripers for stripers” ethos. This initial successful design was the basis for MRL’s current melter design.

Thermoplastic Pre-Melting Kettles

Even consistent heat distribution in MRL’s air-jacketed ThermoPro™ Pre-Melting Kettles was achieved by applying the following engineered features:

  • Increasing the air-jacket exhaust vents to distribute the heat more evenly.
  • Increasing the insulation wrap around the entire vessel body more than four times from original designs, enabling the unit to retain BTUs better.
  • Engineering features in the air jacket design create heated air circulation around the entire vessel, thereby evenly distributing the heat.
  • Increasing the hydraulic power and torque available for the material agitators ensures a very rapid blending of cooler material added to the melter with already heated material.
  • Auger design agitator with flighting added to the agitator shaft, enhancing top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top circulation of the material, blending it quickly and efficiently.

Recently, MRL melter performance has been significantly enhanced with a dual-burner option. This feature facilitates a brief spike in temperature, which can be employed at key timing points in the melting process to maximize material melting performance. MRL’s melters offer safe and productive melting performance derived from more than 40 years of hands-on experience and critical end-user feedback.

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