Amid supply crunch, chassis reservations keep operators running

In 2022 – and into 2023 – there will be a limited number of chassis available from most manufacturers. That’s where MRL Equipment Company’s 40+ years of industry experience gives it an edge.

MRL Equipment’s volume buying power has enabled us to secure a supply of 2022 chassis, and we are now in a unique position to offer our striping partners the option to reserve a chassis for the coming season. Plan now for your 2022 equipment purchases.

It’s also an excellent time to evaluate equipment for retrofitting and repairs. Operators are familiar with preventative maintenance; in a tight supply environment, predictive maintenance – monitoring equipment during its normal operations to see if it’s working at its best – can keep stripers productive by identifying problems before they happen. With thousands of in-stock parts ready to ship, MRL Equipment’s top-notch support team is here to assist, troubleshoot, and take some of the uncertainty out of the coming year.

Don’t let supply issues sideline your 2022 striping season. Contact your MRL equipment specialist at 1.877.788.2907 for details on how to reserve a 2022 chassis and production slot for your new or retrofitted equipment build.