Popular GrindPro™ selling fast

The MRL GrindPro™ Removal Truck offers big truck performance in a versatile, compact design.

Launched in 2021, the GrindPro utilizes a redesigned cutting head and powerful vacuum system to assure dust-free operation. Two 20″/50.8 cm-diameter heads grind, groove, plunge-cut, and slot-cut with minimal surface damage, while the hydrostatic chassis drive system provides precise speed control down to one-tenth miles per hour/0.16 kilometers per hour. The cutting head is adjustable with widths from 4″-13″/10-33 cm.

The 33,000 GVWR chassis model features an optional high-dump, enabling operators to offload debris quickly and get back to work. The GrindPro™ is also available on 26,000 GVWR chassis featuring a tilt-dump, and — the best part — it’s non-CDL. This workhorse offers reliability that can’t be matched.

Both the GrindPro™ (CDL) and GrindPro™ (non-CDL) are capable of one- or two-person operation and utilize a complete video system for excellent work area viewing. This popular design is selling fast. Many more are under construction and will be hitting the road soon!

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